Why are PE Beams important for safety?

I get asked all the time whilst quoting “why are PE Beams important for safety?”  when I’m quoting on residential and commercial doors.  
Well I’m here to let you know.  The other day I had a customer call me who couldn’t get their door down and looked like the motor was playing up.  When we attended we found the motor was fine and nothing wrong with the door, but our lovely customer had parked their very expensive sports car in between the PE Beams and the door wouldn’t go up or down.  This is a safety feature of the PE Beams.  If our customer hadn’t had those beams then the door would have gone up or down damaging their $100,000+ sports car and causing major damage to the car and their door.  Because those beams sensed there was something in its way it wouldn’t allow the door to move.  Imaging if that was a child, your spouse or loved one and not just a car.  If that door was able to go down and someone was under it they would be hurt.  So when you call for a quote on a new motor ask us about the MYQ bundle for panel or roller doors.  It will save your car but just might save a life.   

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