Time to sell

We are out of winter and out of hibernation. The property market is going to start to take off. Let us help you get maximum dollar for your listing. 

Is your house starting to feel just a bit – lived in, perhaps? If so, it may be because a good segment of the population has been spending most of their time ensconced inside their homes spending a long and most unusual winter closed off and quarantined.

Spring is here and the property market is set to take off, and you yourself just might be preparing to relocate, selling off the old home in preparation to buy a new one. 

Allow us at PT Doors to help you get maximum dollar for your listing via a simple but greatly beneficial home addition: a new garage door. 

An inexpensive home improvement that takes less than a day to complete, a new garage door can enhance the look and curb appeal of your home; thus greatly enhancing its resale value. In addition, you can assure all potential buyers that the home they’re considering boasts a new, fully functional and certainly eye-catching automatic door. 

Celebrate summer with PT Doors, where we can help you ‘open the door’ to many more home sales; via the installation of a modern, electronically powered new garage door. 

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