The Clever Solution

With a full 32% of Australians renting it only makes sense that more and more homeowners are generating additional income and, for that matter, generating more value from their home—by renting out extra rooms in their house. 

What if you don’t happen to have an extra bedroom, bonus room, or attic that could be magically morphed into living space for a paying guest? Well for these purposes, you always can look to what may perhaps be the largest, most flexible room in the house. Your garage. 

With its impressive size, separate entrance and plentiful flex space, a garage seems the ideal place for a rental room after, of course, the space has been rendered more habitable for a human being, as opposed to your car. A garage, after all, is a place where dust, dirt and water can penetrate, even beneath a closed, locked door.

In order to transform a garage into a teenage retreat, you need a garage door sealing system that will keep the air and interior of the unit clean, healthy and pleasant for your renter. And for these purposes, Cleverseal is the clever—and effective—choice. 

The Cleverseal COBRA is a garage door sealing system designed specifically for Roller & Sectional doors. This strong all in one system can be purchased as a kit, comprising the side jam seals, the head seal & the floor seal, or individually.

The sealing system enlists corrosion resistant extruded aluminium with a heavy-duty brush seal to manage the elements blocking out the dirt and dust, the leaves and debris, as you protect.

PT Doors is proud to offer the Cleverseal COBRA garage door sealing system. For more information about this revolutionary system, one that can help you maintain the look and value of your new garage-based apartment, please visit

Protect your repurposed garage today with a clever solution—try Cleverseal today! 

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