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Yesterday your serviceman visited and did a wonderful job. Our door is just over one year old. It has low head room and a heavy door. The cables on each side of the door have been fraying badly. In April, they were replaced by the manufacturer and within a month had started fraying again. When I spoke to the owner of the manufacturing business, he said that nothing can be done and that they deal with about 15 of these cases every week!!

Before the door was installed there was no mention of this known problem, so it came as a shock.

Your serviceman has replaced the cables with thicker ones and has replaced the plastic wheels they run in with metal ones. He commented that the tracks for the cables are galvanised iron and not very sturdy causing wobbling which is probably part of the cause of the fraying. He said he can reinforce the tracks if necessary, just to give him a call.

I was appalled at the response of the door manufacturer and really pleased with the solution that your serviceman provided.

So well done and thank you very much.

David ButlerHome OwnerNorth BalgowlahMay 2016

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