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I searched garage door service providers in Google a couple of weeks ago (my garage door which has been playing up in the last few days) and found some good reviews on PT Doors.
After comparing with other reviews I decided to ring PT Doors.
I rang at around 11AM and hoped someone could come in the next few days.
It turned out PT Doors could send someone on the same day and at 2PM came Craig with a smile and started servicing my garage door promptly and efficiently.
Everything was completed in 20 minutes and my garage was operating nicely again. Craig also kindly explained how the auto garage worked.
He also spotted the lifting cables on both side of the garage fraying in a few places, and suggested replacement to be done sooner than later.
I rang PT Doors again the day after and they sent Craig again to do the lifting cable replacement.
(Eleanor has been really terrific, friendly and helpful on the phone).
The work took longer than expected due to some unexpected complications around how the lifting cables were installed on my 15yo garage door.
But, Craig completed his job professionally and finished with a smile. We are very happy with the work done.
The garage motor may need to be replaced in the coming months (probably next year) due to its age. When the time comes, I definitely know who to contact.

BobHome OwnerEastlakesSeptember 2016

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