Summer service

Summer service to maintain the garage door prior to the peak season when everything goes a little crazy . . . 

So summer is just around the corner. Are you ready? Don’t want to answer? Hey, no worries. We all feel just a bit overwhelmed as we contemplate the busiest season of the year, one filled with work and family commitments, not to mention an endless list of seasonal home improvements.

Why not get a head start on this sure to be lengthy to do list, by letting us do a little work around your garage? Schedule a thorough, proficient garage door service now with PT Doors.

The PT Doors Service includes 

• Cleaning the door
• Lubricating the various parts (wheels, tracks & carriage etc.)
• Re-tensioning springs
• Check lifting cables to ensure they are not fraying
• Check all nuts, bolts and screws to make sure they are secure.
• Check all pulley wheels
• Re-align tracks
• Adjust drive chain
• Check photo electric beams
• Check control boards and drive unit

Contact PT Doors today to schedule your summer garage door service!

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