Chamberlain Motor Lift C77 (770AML) Safety Beams

Chamberlain Motor Lift C77 (770AML) Safety Beams

Product Code: 770AML


• Safety beam sensors that sense obstruction and stop the door closing before impact.
• This system is strongly recommended for added safety.
• Includes wires and mounting brackets.

Chamberlain highly recommends the use of safety beam sensors.

Properly working “safety beams” offer an added safety guard.

Safety beams are connected to the bottom of the track and reverse the door when an infra-red beam is broken.

Safety is improved because nothing actually has to make contact with the door before it reverses.

Suits the following Motors:

MR60, MR600, MR650, MR800, MR850, MT5580, MT5580P, MT60, MT60P, MT600, MT800, MT1000, MT230, MT3850, MJ3800, MJ3800R, ML500, ML700, ML500, MLR750, MLR850, HE60.