Need more room this summer?

We aren’t going anywhere soon, so you have probably identified that you need more room. Summer is coming and we all need to stay cool. Have your garage insulated to convert it into a summer room.

Is your home ready for the season of summer? 

Since most of us won’t be moving anytime soon, or even venturing far for holidays, it may be time to insulate your home. And, if you plan to make more room in this home by converting your garage into a living or recreational space, then this precious space (which could become a home office, classroom, office, bonus room, home theatre, etc.) should be insulated as well.

PT Doors offers insulated garage door panels that keep your garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter. These doors deliver the added benefit of providing sound insulation as well. In busy locations where outside traffic noise could pose a problem, they keep the noise out and the quiet in; and if you happen to use your garage as a workshop, they also reduce the amount of noise transferring outside as well. 

Due to the frameless construction of our insulated doors, pests have nowhere to nest; leaving the doors with a crisp, clean look, inside and out. These doors’ intrinsic Thermopanels come complete with increased impact resistance due to its exquisite foam density, and coupled with fire rated side and top seals provide excellent fire protection.

Visit our Menai showroom to view a sample on display of our exclusive insulated garage door panels, or for more information contact us on 9785 3219 or [email protected]. Because as we all know, home and garage renovation is 50 percent inspiration, 50 percent insulation!

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