Your groaning, creaky garage door just needs a little love

Much like the car it houses, your garage door is bound to make some unwelcome and rather annoying noises once in a while, its components groaning, whining and creaking in a way that is most concerning. No worries, though; most of the time, these sounds are not indicative of a major issue that just might warrant a total garage door replacement but of a problem that could be addressed via a little door lube and a lot of TLC.

Even better news: You can fix many minor garage door issues, by lubricating guide tracks, hinges and springs every three months or so. Reach out to PT Doors to procure the basic lubricants and cleaning solutions needed to quiet the groans, squeaks and squeaks emitting from basic, easily accessed garage door parts.

If the concerning groans and creaks seem to be coming from your springs, lifting cables or nuts, bolts and screws, play it safe and contact us to order a service call. We’ll have you, and your garage doors, up and running in no time at all.

Please call us on 02 9785 3219 for more details and a quote on our servicing.

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