Garage Door Safety

Garage doors can be one of the most dangerous things around your property due to their heaviness and size, so it’s important that you are aware of how to operate it safely. Safety is paramount at PT Doors and we recommend that your door is serviced and maintained by trained personnel at regular intervals.


If you have a family then garage doors can be seen as a source of entertainment for children, so here are some safety points to consider, for both children and adults alike, to make sure there are no serious injuries:

  • Keep children away from the operation of the garage door. They should not play with the door or it’s operation system. Kids are inquisitive by nature so they should not be allowed to access the remote control or keypad for the garage door openers.
  • Make sure children do not play around the garage door, especially if it is opening or closing.
  • If you do have a wall mounted keypad for your Opener then make sure it is at least 5 feet from the ground.
  • When opening or closing the garage door keep fingers and hands away from all parts.
  • If the garage door is opening or closing then let it complete the process before walking under it. Be particularly aware when the door is closing so no one tries to enter or exit the garage.
  • As we mention in our Maintenance Guide it’s important that your garage door is serviced by a trained technician.
  • If the door is damaged in any way (for example, after being driven into), then call PT Doors to inspect the door and make sure it’s safe to operate.

For more information then please call PT Doors on 02 9785 3219.