Cleverseal COBRA – Garage Door Sealing System

Stop annoying leaves, dust, pests & rain with Cleverseal COBRA!

Cleverseal COBRA is a garage door sealing system designed specifically for Roller & Sectional doors. It can be bought as a kit comprising the side jam seals, the head seal & the floor seal or individually.
The sealing system uses corrosion resistant extruded aluminium with a heavy duty brush seal to help manage the elements. It can be supplied in set lengths for the home handyman, or we can measure & install to suit any residential garage door.


We are more than happy to the new garage door installed by John and Steve.
Samuel ChanHome OwnerJune 2021
Cleverseal COBRA garage door sealing system
Cleverseal COBRA
Cleverseal COBRA - PT Doors
PT Doors Cleverseal COBRA garage door sealing system